How to Keep a Man Interested in You

Why are men so mysterious? Is it true what some people say, that a man yearns to find love and perfection and then gets bored as soon as he finds it?

Maybe you’re not looking for perfection, maybe you just want a man who’s sexy, honest, employed(!) and most of all, in love with you for the long haul. Then why is it that every time you actually like a guy, he eventually loses interest? Especially after sex…is that really all men want?

There’s no sense in lying and saying that every guy out there is a stalwart gentleman. Of course there are some jerks out there! But it’s time be honest and ask, “If every guy I meet turns out to be a jerk, even some guys that I know for a fact are good people with good families, what am I doing wrong?”

Yes, it’s tough to be so brutally honest with ourselves and ask those kinds of questions. But it’s also important to know that, NO, nothing is wrong with you. And it’s NOT just a matter of “You haven’t met the right guy yet, hang in there!”

Here’s the truth. Your dating style may be flawed. Communication between you and the guy you like may not be clicking.

That’s not a personal fault of yours or the guy—it’s just a fact. And sure, there are those people out there that say, “Hey if he doesn’t want me go ahead and keep walking! Some day there will be a guy that loves me for who I am.”

That’s true. But then again, if there is a guy that YOU really like, and you don’t want to wait for some other “perfect guy” to come along, then yes it’s definitely a good idea to change your dating strategy and start communicating with this guy in a manner that he really likes.

Let’s consider several tips on how to keep a man interested in you, regardless of sex or any superficial differences.

1. Learn to speak his unique guy language.

Everyone understands English, right? But the more you get to know a man intimately, the more you realize he has his own unique way of speaking and thinking. This is the way he loves, the way he expresses himself, and in his mind, hopefully the way he will finally know if he’s met the right one.

Awkward and unpleasant conversation results primarily because you’re NOT speaking his language. You don’t get him. You don’t understand what he’s saying, or if you do, you’re not letting him know.

Learning his language requires listening to him and remembering key points he tells you about himself, so that you can always use them as a point of reference. In contrast a woman that he has no chemistry with won’t remember much about what they talked about—only how he made her feel. That’s not enough, not if you want him to think about you beyond the first conversation.

This means anticipating the way he thinks and actually taking an interest in his conversation, his hobbies and his dreams. And on that note…

2. Learn to enjoy the things he enjoys.

It really helps if you either have something in common with the guy, or can at least LEARN to like the things that he likes. It’s not “faking” if you’re genuinely putting forth an effort to learn the names, places and people that he follows in a particular field.

Better yet you can ask yourself why does your guy like this particular sport, hobby, industry or subject so much? What about this “thing” that he loves appeals so much to him personally? Is it based on his memories? Does it appeal to his own ambitions? These are the little things that make you fall in love with him…and by showing real interest in his passions you’re one step closer to making him fall in love with you.

3. When he’s hot, you’re hot. When he’s cool, you’re cool.

Mirroring him and what he wants should be a simple lesson but it’s easy for women to get confused in reading a man’s complicated signals. Sometimes men are very passionate, intimate and touchy-feely. They want love and affection. They want touching and open emotion. Easy lesson.

Sometimes men are cool, detached, and even seem resentful about something. This is NOT the time to want affection or reassurance from him. This is not the time to challenge him or give him attitude. This is the time to back away and let him be. He may want some time alone, or may want to drive all over the country. Who knows?

But if he’s sending clear signals of “Back off” then it’s best not to smother him, hoping for a reconciliation. When he’s ready he will come back to you.

Obviously, if he cheats on you or does something emotionally nasty then he’s going to have to try harder to get your attention, because you’re no fool. Don’t let him walk all over you.

But you can definitely keep his interest if you learn to follow this simple hot and cold pattern.

4. Learn the art of loving his mother but not BEING his mother.

So many women get so far, so close to making a man fall for her, but then go down the path of “mothering.” This is a common mistake and it’s usually bad news for the future relationship. Things start out beautifully. He falls for you because you’re independent, smart, a little hard to impress and sexy.

Then you both feel a connection. But after intimacy, you start “mothering him”, by arranging too much of his life and demanding too much attention. Maybe you think he wants to be “mothered” especially if he’s close to his mother and his family. But what you don’t realize is that he wants you to stay the same. He wants you to accept his family, yes, but he also wants YOU to cling to your independence and stay the mysterious, self-confident and very un-controlling woman that you are.

Ultimately, that is what he wants. He wants to keep chasing you because he likes this dynamic.

Remember these four tips on how to keep a man interested in you and you will always be able to grab his attention, regardless of how “restless” his spirit is.

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