9 Signs That a Man Doesn’t Want You Anymore

It’s a terrible moment of confusion and internal dread. You ask him to tell you the truth. Be brutally honest.

He smiles and assures you that everything is fine.

But dammit, it’s not fine! You know it’s not fine because you’ve felt a change. You’ve observed something that isn’t right. The relationship is not the way it was before, when you were both so happy and the future looked promising.

Maybe he’s not ready to admit it. Or maybe he’s lying to himself, hoping that things will change.

Here’s the point – it’s time to change things NOW! As soon as you recognize any of these signs of an unhappy man, it’s time to change the dynamic of the relationship. Because trust us…if any of the following things are true the relationship you currently have is doomed anyway.

Better for you to be prepared and to have a strategy in mind. Here we go with 9 signs a man doesn’t want you anymore…

1. You had sex early on and he lost his enthusiasm.

The real problem is that if you do not emotionally bond with him BEFORE SEX, then he will never get a chance to know the real you. He will put a mental block on learning anything new about you, other than the image of you he’s created in your mind—and the sex he craves from your peripheral appearance.

Now that his curiosity has been satisfied, and he doesn’t know who you are (nor does he care, since you didn’t think it was important) he doesn’t see the advantage in continuing a relationship.

2. He wants “space” in the relationship.

This is generally a bad thing, even though some married men do go through “phases” where they want temporary independence. You know, mid-life crisis and all that.

But the fact is, if a man tells you he wants space, and all you’ve been doing is arguing lately, that means he is at the breaking point. He’s seen an undesirable trait in you and wants to exit. He isn’t “breaking up with you” but he’s basically saying he prefers being alone to being in your company.

3. He starts comparing you to other women(!)

What a sexist pig thing to do, right? Actually it’s worse than that. By the time he’s saying something so cruel, he really has lost respect for you. If he insists on comparing you to someone, he’s beyond the point of respecting or caring for you. He’s resentful. He’s bleeding out all the love you thought you had. It’s time to take a break and regroup right away because that’s not normal.

4. He goes hours maybe days without texting, calling or talking to you.

Seriously, what guy keeps his girl waiting for hours or even days? “A gentleman never keeps a lady waiting”…unless of course that gentleman is busy courting five or six other women! Men are usually eager to answer texts or call, even if they discipline themselves to wait a little while. A man that doesn’t see the point in replying to you ASAP, is obviously not that into you.

5. He is not affectionate…like at all!

Not only does he avoid words like love and marriage – he’s downright resentful whenever you try to be romantic, sexy or affectionate. The truth is a guy doesn’t care how “schmoophy” you are if he’s in love. It will make him smile. If he’s irritated by you expressing your feelings, there’s trouble in paradise.

6. He has no comfort to offer you.

Another dangerous precedent. A good boyfriend wants to protect you, heal you, comfort you and turn your frown upside down. When a guy doesn’t bother trying to comfort you – even when he can see you are crying your eyes out, he has turned off his empathy. He is absent of love. He doesn’t even understand who you are anymore.

7. He keeps harping on the past – the mistakes you made five years ago!

I know this seems like a “normal” argument at first glance. But in truth, couples in love don’t believe in hurting each other by dredging up the past. If he’s constantly doing this, he is more interested in hurting you and whining about his unhappy life than he is in protecting your feelings. Dangerous territory.

8. There is no more intimacy…not even in passing.

You can tell if a relationship is about to end by the tension you feel in the room. If every time you talk to your guy he seems tense, quiet, not interested in flirting or sharing anything, then it’s a clear sign he no longer finds you a comforting presence. This is a pattern frequently observed in marriages that end in divorce. The couple doesn’t flirt or try to connect. They are “professional” with each other. They answer questions and hope the other person leaves the room. Sad indeed.

9. He seems REALLY annoyed at all the cute little things you do.

A while back your guy was probably charmed at all your habits and quirks. Most men are…and whatever is odd about their partner in behavior, they either (A) find it cute or (B) they don’t even notice it that much.

So when a man really notices and starts fuming when you’re simply going about your daily life, rest assured it’s not the habit. It’s that he has lost some degree of love for you. And it angers him that you’re not the “perfect woman” he thought he was getting.

As you can see, all of these behaviors are very disrespectful to you and demonstrate just how distant men become when they no longer feel attraction.

The good news however, is that you may still be able to save the relationship. IF you are willing to change things up and approach him in a different way.

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