7 Things That Most Men Test a Woman For (And How to Pass His Test)

We mostly hear about women “testing” men since women tend to be more cautious when it comes to relationships. But men test women too, absolutely.

Now we should note that not all testing is manipulative or negative. Sometimes we all “test” our partner just to get a glimpse into how their mind works and how they might respond in a hypothetical situation. Testing your man may help you to change or confirm your feelings for him, based on what you can see about his morality, strength of character and so on.

Men test women for the same reasons and their tests tend to be conversation-driven and sometimes very subtle.

On the other hand, as the relationship progresses, their final “tests” can be far more confusing and sometimes hurtful. But if you really love your man, you will pass his tests and become the true love of his life. So let’s discuss some of these scenarios, from the mini-tests early on to the final “cold feet” tests later.

1. He tests your level of enthusiasm for his hobbies and interests.

No, of course you’re not expected to be as big a sports fanatic as he is, or know just as much about bird-watching as the Maestro. BUT the real test is whether you take an interest in his hobbies. If you do, he will take this as a sign that even if you don’t’ quite “get” his hobbies, you enjoy spending time with him and will thus educate yourself on this little world he enjoys being a part of.

2. He tests your sarcasm thermometer.

A lot of guys will be sarcastic early on in the date and say things that seem shocking, bizarre or confusing just to see if you “get” their reaction. If you get offended or seem genuinely confused, you might lose points. If what he says seems unusual, play along with him and determine if he’s joking. He usually cracks up laughing within seconds. Overall, he just wants to see if you have a good sense of humor.

3. He tests your personality by asking a lot of questions about music, movies, books and so on.

Since guys are logical to a fault, they tend to gauge your intelligence on the entertainment and literature you enjoy. While it’s not exactly fair (I mean some of us just happen to think The Princess Bride is a better movie than Fight Club, right?) it’s something they do, so you might as well prepare for that conversation. A man will be impressed if you provide a logical reason on why you like a particular song or band—perhaps you associate that song with good memories in your life. Men’s minds tend to be analytical and they find the reasons for liking something fascinating.

4. He tests your sense of adventure and daring.

In the early dating stages, men tend to be brattier and more daring—which explains why they may choose a date setting that’s outside your element. They think this will give them insight into who you are. So if you accept their challenge, will you show yourself as a fun and care-free partner? Or will you complain, freak out, be rude to his friends, and exhibit other negative behaviors? This is the test he’s throwing at you, to see how well you handle new experiences. It’s important to him, because he’s basically telling you now, living with him might be unpredictable.

5. He tests your sense of family.

If a man introduces you to his parents, it’s really not a big deal (unless it’s the first date or something). The only way it’s a big deal is if YOU have a problem with it. A man’s family will always be near to his heart. Will you accept them, even if they’re goofy or a tad difficult to get to know? Or will you simply accept them as a part of your boyfriend’s life? This is a test to see how you react to seeing this softer side of him.

6. He’ll ask hypothetical questions.

A man play very often play harmless “would you rather?” games just to see what you’d say. He’s testing your open-mindedness with these questions, more than so he’s actually analyzing your answers. He simply wants to know that he can throw weird questions at you and you won’t freak out or think he’s insane. It’s actually very common among younger singles who want to talk about deep stuff and challenge their partner (without actually resorting to mind games). He just expects you to be playful and to follow his mind wherever it goes.

7. He tests your tolerance for his independence.

This may be the single most important test he pulls on you. All men desire some degree of independence. The more successful he is, the more stubborn he is, rest assured the more privacy he needs, the more “silent support” he expects. This isn’t about you being subservient to him, not at all. It simply means that you allow him the independence he craves, while also remaining independent yourself.

You solve your problems, he solves his. When he needs time alone, you give that to him. When he says he wants to take a break, you let him. (And that doesn’t mean you have to accept him back if and when he returns. He has to earn your trust all over again) Simply put, a man will always want some independence in his life and this FUELS his ego, his self-confidence, his libido, and his sense of worth. Give him that because this is what makes him happy…along with your support.

As you can see, men do frequently test women, but deep down all they really want to know is that you understand him, don’t want to change him, and support him to the very end. If you can remember that you will never be alone in life!

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