How to Fascinate a Guy

30 Good Night Messages for Friends

Is there a difference between goodnight messages for friends and goodnight messages for a guy you like? Definitely! I think you know, just by default, it’s not a good idea to give a guy false hope. You don’t want to flirt too much with someone that you don’t like. At some point, he’s going to…

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Here’s What’s Stopping You From Getting Commitment From a Man

Does the No Contact Rule Work On Men?

Some people claim that the “no contact rule” works better on women than men. Men might share stories about how ignoring their ex-girlfriend, or a woman they’re crushing on, seems to make her want his attention even more. That brings us to the obvious question does it also work on men? Yes, in fact, I…

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3 Texts To Send Your Ex Boyfriend To Make Him Come Running Back

5 Cute Text Messages for Her

Have you ever wondered how guys come up with all these great text conversations? Believe it or not, most guys are not naturally eloquent and creative. They get ideas on great text messages from their friends, their relatives, Internet articles, movies, books, online friends, and so on. Good ideas are everywhere. The best way to…

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how to keep a man

50 Cute Nicknames for BF

There’s something magical about that first stage of intimate conversation with your partner. Now that you trust each other, you’re free to express yourself honestly. You might even call it RAW emotion, naked passion, and unrestrained cuteness! There are no wrong answers when you start sweet-talking each other. As long as you keep all the…

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4 Surprising Qualities That Men Love in a Woman

50 Cute Names to Call a Guy

This might seem like a deceptive title. What are cute names to call your boyfriend? Words like Binky, Cuddle Butt and Big Sexy. Sure… But a guy you like? A guy you just met? A guy you might not even find attractive? Big mistake! You don’t want to go around calling him Cuddle Butt. Talk…

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How to Make a Man Miss You

Best Interracial Dating Sites

Has it been a while since you’ve been out on a date?  Hey, there’s no shame in that.  Personally, I think quality is better than quantity, especially when it comes to romance.  Just because you COULD find a man at the local tavern or fix-it shop doesn’t mean that’s what you’re looking for in a…

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Can You Spot a Cheater Test Your Skills Here

Best Friend Tag Youtube

What is this “Best Friend Tag” I’ve been hearing about on YouTube? Of course, it’s the BFF tag, a tag that helps you introduce your best friend to your viewing audience. Sure, it’s fun to talk naturally or to improvise some comedy. But one of the best ways to make interesting and energetic video content…

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How To Let Him Know He Should Kiss You

6 Signs He Wants Something Serious

It’s easy to determine when a man is interested in you, isn’t it? Men definitely like to show, tell, impress, and astound the women they like. Sometimes it’s very cute and subtle behavior but sometimes it’s very dramatic and confident! What are some examples of a man liking you anyway? It’s a fair question because…

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Frightening Sexual Statistic Every Woman Needs to Know

16 Romantic Good Morning Messages

Did you know that the “afterglow” of sex is actually one of the best times to bond together and increase intimacy? And this doesn’t just mean the time when you roll around in bed, kiss each other good morning, and get dressed in each other’s presence. The afterglow can extend well beyond…even hours into the…

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50 Questions to Ask a Guy – Dirty

One of the most difficult challenges in starting new relationships is getting past the “platonic” stage. That means turning what is a nice and appropriate friendship (but where you still think the other one is gorgeous!) into a sensual, intimate and erotic relationship that goes far beyond just an ordinary friendship. It’s not as easy…

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