You're a Strong Independent Woman
Looking for a Man Who Can Match You.

You don’t need a man in your life and you’re at the point where you’d rather be single than with a guy who isn’t right for you.

But you’re also tired of being alone. You’re ready to attract your soulmate, a life partner who you’re spiritually connected to and enjoy a deep emotional intimacy with. You’d like someone who you can share your life with in a romantic, committed relationship. But you're aren't willing to settle.

I've been teaching in the dating industry since 2005. I've helped thousands of men and women get into committed, lasting relationships with their soulmates. And because of this, I've developed some of the most effective strategies to help women like you meet a quality man who can match you, even if you think you've tried everything.

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Matthew Coast

Matthew Coast
"The Commitment Coach"

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What Commitment Connection Members Are Saying...

"I just wanted to say thank you!!!!

I stumbled upon you Mr. Coast and your wisdom has touched my conscience and subconscious. I've learned so much and so much has smacked me right in the face. I used to call myself "not girlfriend material" and didn't think I could have a relationship last longer than 8 mo. But the universe and yourself have thrown on my lap all the tools I need to realize I AM a woman a quality man wants to be with.

One exercise that really helped was the list of people in my life that could be successful in my ideal relationship. I've learned to consider my needs and to have strong boundaries. (I was always such a push over and people pleaser)

I am now in the first stages of what could potentially become a good healthy relationship with a good healthy man. And I want to thank you for what you are doing!!;-)"

- Mariah

"I'm glad that you have opened up my eyes in terms of how us women should behave inorderto get what we want. This is a must do thing for any woman who would love to be treated like a queen..Thanks!!!"

- Nozi

"Thank you so very much for all the work and study you have put into this. I truly enjoyed and loved the insight into my relationships.. And learning to create exactly what I am wanting in my life."

- Anonymous