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The Secret to Attracting a Man Who Loves You, Sees You, And Cherishes You Into A Committed, Lasting Relationship...

You want to be loved and cherished by a man. You want a man who feels like you're too important to him to lose you.

But we live in the age of the "hookup culture" where casual, friend with benefits situationships have become the norm.

Maybe you get into a situation where you give your everything only to be taken for granted, have the guy pull away, and eventually disappear on your altogether.

This makes you feel confused, frustrated, and feeling like you doubt yourself and your own worth... wondering if you'll ever get into the relationship you want.

If you’re having a hard time with men and dating, it’s not your fault. We live in a culture that encourages superficial relationships and discourages anything meaningful.

I believe there’s a better way for men and women to get into and stay in committed relationships that last. That’s why I put together a proven path that will help you get into the relationship you want.

It’s called, "The Forever Woman."

Who Am I?

My name is Matthew Coast and I've been teaching in the dating industry since 2005.

I’ve taught, coached, and spoken to hundreds of thousands of both men and women, all over the world, about dating and relationships. My videos and articles reach millions of women, every month, all over the world.

Many of them have gone on to get married, raise families, and live happily ever after. I’ve helped save marriages, mend broken hearts, and heal struggling relationships.

And now I'd like to help you.

Your Success Path

I have a 3 part plan for you to be successful...

  1. Believe in your value
  2. Position yourself in value
  3. Communicate your value

Click the link below, go watch the video on the next page, and sign up for my free course, The Forever Woman Program.

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If you get The Forever Woman and use the principles in it...

    • You’ll attract a man who loves and cherishes you
    • He’ll pursue you for a committed, lasting relationship
    • You’ll do less work and feel more appreciated and valued by your man.

If you don't get it...

    • You’ll stay stuck in your problems and challenges with men.
    • You’ll feel like you’re doing everything in a relationship only to be taken for granted, have guys pull away, and eventually disappear on you
    • You’ll wonder if you’re ever going to get into the relationship you want.

Go to the link below and check it out for free... if you decide you want to stay a part of our community, you can learn about how to do that as well there.

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Talk soon,

Matthew Coast

What Commitment Connection Members Are Saying...

"I just wanted to say thank you!!!!

I stumbled upon you Mr. Coast and your wisdom has touched my conscience and subconscious. I've learned so much and so much has smacked me right in the face. I used to call myself "not girlfriend material" and didn't think I could have a relationship last longer than 8 mo. But the universe and yourself have thrown on my lap all the tools I need to realize I AM a woman a quality man wants to be with.

One exercise that really helped was the list of people in my life that could be successful in my ideal relationship. I've learned to consider my needs and to have strong boundaries. (I was always such a push over and people pleaser)

I am now in the first stages of what could potentially become a good healthy relationship with a good healthy man. And I want to thank you for what you are doing!!;-)"

- Mariah

"I'm glad that you have opened up my eyes in terms of how us women should behave inorderto get what we want. This is a must do thing for any woman who would love to be treated like a queen..Thanks!!!"

- Nozi

"Thank you so very much for all the work and study you have put into this. I truly enjoyed and loved the insight into my relationships.. And learning to create exactly what I am wanting in my life."

- Anonymous

"Matthew Coast I just had to leave a comment here directly thanking you and Helena Hart. I have been watching your videos non stop (and multiple times). I can confidently say that it has made a huge impact on me. I have been in search of finding out what feminine energy really is and after reading numerous books, and researching multiple resources for a long time, you guys were the only resource that brought it all home for me.

I am constantly aspiring to be in my feminine even when I need to do masculine duties (such as work) and it has brought so much inner peace to me. Having a new man in my life who adores and spoils me is just a by-product and a wonderful bonus!

Much love to you guys, keep up the good work. Love you!"

- Nedi

"This really worked. I tried using some sample texts on him and wow he was so impressed,turned on and just begging me to stop killing him with the sweetness he was feeling and he even called me his best mum...
I really couldn't believe that it could work that way, so fast."
- Malinga
"Thank you so much for all your help!! I met an awesome Army paratrooper. We were just dating and wanted no commitment. Then I fell in love. I felt like he was pulling away. I read the things to say in text messages you sent me. The next day I sent him a text and got an immediate response!! Now he's up here every weekend and we are having the time of our lives together!! I'm so excited to see where it goes. Thanks again!"
- Susan