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Course 1 - Touch of Love Advanced Version

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Worth $399.85

In this course you'll discover...

  • The 4 deadliest mistakes women make that ruin the intimacy, desire, and appreciation that a man has for you. If he isn't stepping up and you feel like you're keeping the relationship afloat, it's probably because of one of these 4 things. 
  • How to amplify his attraction and desire for you so that he'll constantly strive to make you happy and spend your time laughing and enjoying each other's company.
  • How to become a fountain of love that your man finds irresistible. There are three stages to this and where you are determines how he feels about you.
  • How to supercharge your intimacy together. There are 5 components to this. Most people only focus on 1 and then wonder why they are as close to their man as they want to be.
  • How to tell him what you want in a way that makes him WANT to give it to you. Most women ask for what they want in a way that makes it feel like a chore for him... instead, do this...
  • My 3 step formula for communicating your needs - if you feel like you're not getting your needs met in your relationship and you want him to WANT to meet them, use this. Works every time.
  • How women accidentally hurt men without even knowing it... if your man is pulling away and getting distant from you, this is often the cause.
  • How to thrive in any relationship... if you want your relationship to be more passionate, playful, and peaceful, here's what you need to make sure is happening...
  • What to do in the future if things go cold again...
  • And much, much, more...

You're also going to get 2 other bonus instructional videos. Including...

Bonus Instruction 1

3 Myths That Prevent Women From Intimacy

Screenshot 1


In this instructional video, I'll show you 3 myths that will DESTROY your intimacy with a man.

If you believe any of these three myths you will almost certainly harm your relationship with your man and he'll feel like he wants something better out there.

You'll learn a common way that women try to get what they want which almost always backfires...

And what to do instead that will make him feel like it's exactly what he wants to do for you.

And you're also discover a common misconception about what men want which can lead to both of you feeling empty when you're intimate.

I'll clear this up and explain what you really need to know so that he feels like you're everything he wants and needs in a woman.

Bonus Instruction 2

Make Him Feel Like You Are The One

Screenshot 1


In this instructional video, you'll discover the 6 things that combined together make him FEEL like you're the woman he's been searching for his entire life.

A lot of women leave this stuff up to chance only to find out that a man was searching for something very specific that he didn't experience with you... which only makes him keep searching.

If you want him to stop this search and decide that you're the one he wants forever, you need to know what these 6 things are and how to use them with him.

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