Danielle M Leggett asked 1 year ago

I think you are amazing!  My whole life I’ve always watched others have great relationships and strong bonds (of course, I have also seen the opposite). I’ve been in a relationship with my twin fire now for almost 7 years. But it doesn’t mean it was easy in the beginning. There were a lot of things that almost tore us apart and I even left for a brief time. 2 months to be exact! Then I realized that I could not live without him in my life! 
He came from a well to do family with parents that stayed together until death did them apart. I on the other hand came from the opposite. I never really knew what a really good relationship looked like or how to obtain one. It takes a lot of work from both of us to let this be the best thing to ever happen to either one of us. Communication is important. Extremely important!  And expressing your feelings, not just from me but from him as well. 
I’ve never felt so accepted by anyone before for all of my flaws and quirks, than I do now. We are so strong together. 
So, I just wanted to tell you what you are doing is extremely admirable! Thank you for making a difference in the lives of many many people!