Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: CommitmentWill he stay with her or come home
Rhonda asked 3 years ago

I had being seeing this guy, he had told me that he loved me, and when we was together we had the best realtionship, from the moment we meet there was a connection, he had chased me for abit, one night we had an augrument, over something that was meant to be a joke and he took it the wrong way. Now he has moved back into his ex wife\’s place he had told me that he was not in love with her anymore, but still went back there, but they do have 3kids and there marriage was over like 2years ago. We are still like best friend and are the same a we have always been with each other just not in a relationship, what do you think will happen??

1 Answers
Tabitha Pratt answered 3 years ago

I looked into the 8 ball and this is the prediction;
He will stay with his ex-wife and children. 
Move on as quickly as possible. If he truly wants you, he will leave his wife and kids and come after you. You must turn around and walk away first. 
You are deserving of a male who can fully commit to you.
I love you so much sugar!