Why he ended it so fast?

Lisa rivera. asked 1 year ago

I had been seeing this guy I met online and it was going great! He and I both agreed we have great chemistry. I will say after a week of dating we did sleep together but we spoke about it and both agreed we liked each other.  Then about three weeks into dating since he was in school getting his masters he started to get stressed with work and school so we didn’t see so much of each other. I Shad asked him to pick me up from a happy hour I was attending with my best friend and he did come to get me sat down waiting for me and my friend told him it looks like you don’t want to be here and he said yes that is correct I don’t she said then it’s okay to go he said sorry to me and said he was leaving. I walked him out asked him to just wait a second I would leave he said no he seemed or we seemed fine. Told me to come by after. When I texted him I was coming over he said not to he was going to sleep. I called him we kinda got into it. The next day he wouldn’t return any of my texts or calls and the follow g day he texted me this wasn’t going to work out just not that interested which seemed like a shock to me. I did apologise for the conversation and even for him maybe feeling offended by my friend but nothing seemed to help and he refuses to talk to me at all. Super sad bc this seemed like a great match now I don’t know what to do. I’ve given him space but nothing. I’ve been divorced and single for about 6 years this was the 1st guy I met that seems like wow finally someone real someone who likes me and is into me bc he would call and text all the time.  Now I don’t know what to do and I’m sick of the online dating situation.