When to have the exclusivity talk

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Heather asked 2 years ago

From make him want you, I like the way it’s laid out to state what you’re doing and such by having the exclusivity talk. My question is when to have this talk. At how many dates or weeks? I feel we really hit it off and I have no reason to believe he feels otherwise. It bugs me that he may be dating other women. When can I bring this up to him without jumping the gun? As far as intimacy, ours is increasing but neither of us are in a rush to jump in bed really but I want an exclusive dating relationship. Can I bring it up yet? It’s been over a month of several dates now?

Heather replied 2 years ago

Let me elaborate. I’m talking about the method box saying what I’m doing, only dating one person, then why. And asking him to inform me if he plans to do otherwise so I know where he stands. Idk if he’s dating anyone else or not but I don’t want the ambiguity. After a month plus of great dates hitting it off is it too soon to have this talk?

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Tabitha Pratt answered 2 years ago

If he has not offered you exclusivity, then it’s safe to assume that he is open to other women. 
Why do you want to seal the deal so quickly? Trust me, you do not want to push or force anything here! I see many women who will stoop to seduction or manipulation to ” catch a guy”. The long term results of this are not great. 
I see nothing wrong with letting him know that you enjoy him and are only dating him right now. Caution; do not say this to get him to try to say the same thing back to you or clue you in on what he is doing. Naturally the conversation may go that route but you should not have the reigns at all. Say it with no strings attached. This also means that you may have to sit in ambiguity. Relax and get comfy in there!
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