What is the guys objective behind all this?

Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: QuestionsWhat is the guys objective behind all this?
Christina A Clark asked 7 months ago

I met this guy, we finally hung out for the first time after talking for four months, and my friend tagged along. This girl we met at a party we went to became my friend, and my friends friend on Snapchat. She messaged my friend the day after we hung out, asking for the guy I have gotten to know snapchat, and said “he likes me, and kept talking about me.” My friend and I both agreed it was a bad idea to give her his snap. I changed my mind and gave her his snap at a party I ran into her at, because I thought she could help us get to know each other better. This was a bad mistake on my part, because I regretted it. I decided to talk to him about this, and I told him “the girl we met is into you”. He responded “I know”. I freaked out, and asked “if he liked her?” He said “idk, I might just hook up with her.” I talked him out of it, he firmly told me “he wasn’t going to fuck her”. Few days later, I asked “if he’s still talking to her?” He said “nah, she doesn’t talk to him, and only wanted a hook up.” He thought we knew each other before we met the night we hung out. I explained to him “how she used me to try to get with you.” I also said “she told me ‘you like me’, which is very manipulative of her”. He never responded back, and we haven’t talked since then. I told the girl who’s trying to hook up with him “that he has a girlfriend”, so she would leave him alone. The next day, he posts a pic of him and some other girl on his snap story. I didn’t open it. The girl who’s trying to hook up with him messaged me “asking if I saw the story of him and his ‘girlfriend’?” I tried to look at it then, but he deleted the story right after that. I like this guy, I’m not sure if he likes me, and at this point it’s pissing me off to keep on wondering. What should I do? What is the best way to handle this situation?