What if he comes on too strong?

Helene Horowitz asked 3 years ago

I recently moved into an exclusive with the man I was dating after about 10 dates, no sex. And he wanted the girlfriend/boyfriend title, and everything seemed good. But he changed when I agreed to be exclusive to be overly complimenting (calling me perfect even though I said I don’t like being called perfect), and being fairly smothering which he hadn’t been like before exclusivity. He even told me he loves me… which all of this seems good so why doesn’t it feel right?  It’s like he changed because I agreed to be his girlfriend.

1 Answers
Tabitha Pratt answered 3 years ago

Hi Helene!
Congratulations on your new, exclusive relationship!! Woot!
My hope is that your man has a job, business or something else to focus on other than you. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure you are perfect and deserving of his every waking moment, but realistically a male must have a mission that comes first and foremost! 
Try receiving his compliments fully and not deflecting them and see if that works too! Let him believe that you are perfect! You two are still in a perfect phase of the relationship, so he still has rose colored glasses on… when he gets to know you more, this will probably work itself out. Enjoy the accolades while they are coming!  😉
If he is overly needy, then I encourage you to express your feelings, let him know that you feel smothered. He should adjust his behavior if he wants to keep you.