What does his silence mean

Leslie asked 2 years ago

Hi, I\\\’ve been sort of dating this guy, but I can\\\’t seem to understand him at all. A couple of weeks ago we had a bif fight because he stopped responding my msn out of the blue and then acted like nothing ever happened and thatr eally got me upset. We talked about it and he said he wouldn\\\’t do it again, because I toild him that it bothered me. However, we were going to see each other on Thursday and I was really looking forward to it, but he told me that he had to cancel because something at work came up, I believed him and told him that there was no problem and continued the afternoon texting chatting and everything was fine (he even sent a song for me to listen, he told me it was “our song”) and then I sent a msn to him asking him if he had arrived ok, and I never Heard back from him. I checked his facebook and whatsapp connection and he hadn’t been online the entire weekend, however, yesterday night he was online again and never texted me back … He continues to be online and nothing! What’s going on? Does he like or not, is he playing around or what?