Anonymous asked 4 years ago

This guys I just started seeing is been in a situation with his ex n court. I kinda move in almost immediately, cuz I lost my job n place to stay. So I stay there n on friends place’s or streets.. He loves my cooking n cleaning when I’m there. But about the third day he tells me that he needs some space, n he does it right about dark time, I fell head over heels in love with him.. He has not been with his ex for over a year. I’ve never had anyone need space from me before. N every time he does it I start crying cuz it hurts inside. I feel like I’m being kicked to the curb n feel unwanted. He tells me he loves me, does he? N what else can I do I tell him I’ll stand beside him in anything he needs. What am I doing wrong for him to need space from me? What do I need to do right to get his attention???