Sammy Barnette asked 10 months ago

My wife and I have been split for 2 years.we been bestfriends since about 10 12 years old.didnt even get together till about 23 24 years old.we been through hell together.been married about 8years now but separate 2.we both are now in situation we need each other.she says she wants to help each other and see what happens.but she dont spend much time with me or talk much when she not here.everything I say or talk about aggravates her.she will not open up.it was not a good split up.she dont seem to want to touch me at all hardly. She is always getting mad at me at stuff that should matter.does she really want to try and if not why keep saying it but not show it.im 44 so we been close for 30 to 32 years now .if she felt anything we could be close right I\’m not bad guy.a long close relationship seems to mean nothing