Angela asked 2 months ago

When I first met my boyfriend, it was on Facebook. We started off as friends and it transformed into a relationship. When. I asked him if he was married he said no he was divorced , it didn’t stop me from getting to know him . As we continued to get to know one another I told him all about my past thinking he was being honest as well, he warned me about his ex wife( who I found out is still his wife til this day). She called me telling me they where still married, he’s a liar, don’t waste my time. Of course I didn’t believe her because I thought she was being messy and keep me from getting to know him. Our entire relationship was filled with highs and lows…. I left a job, left my place, eventually lost my car, and my children where not all with me because of what we had planned on being together and making a life together. Long story short I truly found out he is abusive in every since, he blames me for everything that went wrong, and I found out he is still married, and the midst of all the craziness we have two children together and eventually I ended up walking away because I couldn’t take it any further of being blamed for things I wasn’t and didn’t do, accused me of cheating, the disrespectful things he did and said to me. Because of the two young children we have together, and it’s has only been a week since we broke up… Part of me says let go but for love and our children sake I want to work things out. Why is it so hard of letting go when I know its toxic?