Thinking if breaking up with my boyfriend gives me anxiety

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Paula asked 9 months ago

I’ve been with my SO 7 years now. First we lived in his home city, but about 2,5 years ago I dragged him back to the city where I was born. For a long while I supported him because he had no job. But now he finally got a education and a new job (the same place as me) and it is in another town – so we have been planning to move there (get a house together). He is super excited, plans the future and love me so much.
The thing is, I love him.. As a friend.. But not really romantically anymore. He has no idea. I feel like I need to break it off because I’m always longing to be alone and are so attracted to other people. I need to be alone. I haven’t been single since I was 17. I just jumped from one serious relationship to another for the last 15 years and never had any me-time.
I know that me breaking up with him will totally destroy him. He has no friends and he’s at an age where he really want to be settled down (he’s 45, I’m 33).
When I think about breaking it off I get so nauseous, I almost get anxiety attacks and I cry. 
1. I’m gonna miss him, he’s my closest friend and I don’t have many friends
2. He’s the nicest guy, I don’t want to hurt him 
But at the same time the feelings isn’t really there anymore so it seems like a bad idea to keep being with him just because it’s easier.
I feel so guilty because when he asks about what kind of house I want and so on, I just say that I’m to busy to think about that right now (I’m studying a master and am really busy).
And the other week he asked when he should take vacation this summer so it aligns with my vacation. And where we should go.
I’m just being vague in my answers but he doesn’t seem to get it. He’s clueless and I’m gonna shock him and break him.
It feels so f**king horrible. 
I don’t know what to do… What should I do and how?