Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: QuestionsThe man that I love doesn't respect me in the way that I deserve to be respected!!!
Victoria Washington asked 2 years ago

Hi, Matthew. I have a situation that I would love to get out of but before going forward to doing so, I want some relationship advice. First off I’ve known by boyfriend for 5 Years and he doesn’t know how to treat a lady with respect. As a joke he flips the middle finger at me and I took offense to it and that to me is downright disrespectful. I was taught about respect at a very young age and I still hold on to that this very day! He says he loves me but his actions and words tell me otherwise!!! I’m this close to pulling the plug on the shithole of a relationship! I’ve never been so angry and hurt in all my life!!! I may be a Christian but I do believe in Karma and it’s a bitch and it will get him if he doesn’t wake up and realize that he did wrong towards me and loose me forever! He also does things to make me mad at times, he smokes and drinks which is a complete turn off. He doesn’t know how to value me like a woman should be valued. Because he’s never been taught. But it’s never too late to start learning! Don’t get me wrong, I do love him but he can’t keep hurting me like this. I’m on the fence about keeping the relationship and working things out or just bounce myself out of this hell hole of a relationship before I get hurt even further. What would you do if you were in this situation!??? I need help and answers. Please and thank you! PS please put my situation in a video for everyone who is going through similar situations. But please keep me anaonymous