Jennifer Pethtel asked 1 year ago

We have been broken up for about 4 weeks now. He still refers to me as his old lady or his girl. In many ways it\\\’s like we haven\\\’t broken up at all. He still tells me he loves me. He started out sleeping on the couch in the front of the house. He\\\’s now sleeping on the couch off our bedroom. He slept in the bed one time about 4 days ago since the break up. He says he doesn\\\’t trust me and can\\\’t believe what i say because i get scared of his temper and change my story to diffuse his anger. I have never cheated on him he knows that. I went to his friends to ask advice about his behavior…therefore I am being sneaky. He still tells me he loves me almost everyday. I still do his laundry, cook his meals, let him use my vehicle, take care of his dog…..i don\\\’t mind, i gotta do those things anyway. Right now he\\\’s sending a lot of mixed signals and I keep messing things up. I am not sure how to handle phase 1. I leave him alone unless it\\\’s important or he texts me first. I\\\’m not acting needy or clingy. He has not seen me cry about our break up. I am focusing my attention on other things…tv, reading, drawing, arts n crafts, writing. I started keeping a journal again. I am limited in driving n physical activity because i have a broken hip that requires replacement. I\\\’m letting him do his own thing, be in control. I\\\’m not quite sure what to do so I\\\’m going to continue reading ur book until I hear back from u.