Sleeping with Co-Worker

Doria asked 2 years ago

 Hello, I wanted to ask some advice . I’m currently married, but my husband and I are in the process of getting divorced.
my co-worker is going through the same situation.
My coworker and I slowly flirted and got to know each other a little. And he and I have slept together 3 times. We’ve never had any conversation about what we both want from this if anything at all.
becuasuse we work together and either of us aren’t divorced just yet, I’m feeling like a dirty secret.  And I  have been super guarded because I don’t really know how he feels . 
i do like my coworker,  but I’m constantly the one reaching out and I feel like with a 21 year marriage being in the process of being done , that I kinda find myself wanting to be someone’s everything!! If if it’s not my coworker then someone else because I haven’t had that in so long. 
 Should I tell my coworker how I’m feeling next time he wants to have sex ?