should i talk to him anymore?

Sam asked 2 years ago

Hi, so i’m kind of late i know :”) so once in my first semester of college, there’s this guy who suddenly came up to me asking for my number (because he chose a dare from a truth or dare game, so his friends challenged him to ask phone number from one of a girl in the class), sadly i was in a really bad mood (well thank you my professor for ruining my day) so i rejected him. from then, appear a gossip that i am an arrogant girl… (and we never had any conversations anymore, became awkward…) and his friends and my friends often teased me about him A LOT 😐
so time passed, it’s finally my 4th year, end of semester. i muster up the courage to talk to him and stupid me, i’m not talking about the condition that i had before so i rejected him, i just told him about how i\’m sorry about the old me. and he just chill about it.
i’m scared to talk to him again as I am shy and have 0 experience with guys, but I do like him though but i’m not sure if he likes me though  i really want to supress my feeling since it’s my last semester and we won’t be meeting again… Please help, do you think he feels the same? thank you! 🙂