should i delete him?

nora asked 2 years ago

hello,i realy need help , im girl from saudi arabia i have29 years old which concedered here very big to marry (most girl younger than me are married) and here no one want to mary 29 years old girl except old men ,but im in love with a guy for 2 years he know me and evry thing about me which is forbidden here and big risk but i take the risk to tell hem who i am cuz i love and trust him , but now after 2 years i try to tell him that i want married but he said “ not evry thing we want it we take it,like work we work but that not mean that what we want will happen “ i said that cuz u dont want this to happen , he said” no if u think that i take risk to call u back after our last fight that means i want , i try to tell him to say it in clear way that he want to marry me but he try to escape from this question without clear answer!! , i said u dont want to give me clear word , he said “ cuz i dont want u to blame me if it is not happen”im insist then he said im not ready now and it is not as u want , u said now i marry now, i said thats fine then he said what that mean? do u mean to stop calling u until i arrange my self???..i feel so sad and i need help , i have him on my snapchat and im not sure if should i keep him or delete him?i want to get marry to him plz plz if there is a way tell me , and should i keep him in my snapchat ..i appreciate ❤️❤️❤️