should i?

Anonymous asked 4 years ago

Do i need to meet my ex whom i havent seen for:-13 years? we broke up as we were both young then and i was not strong enough  to fight for him. He was comnitted before and my family was against him. I have no choice but to leave him out of nowhere.My life didnt get any better and not a single day he was out of my heart and thought.For a long time i didnt see him inspite of searching diligently.But one day I found his new email and i tried to reached him with a short message which he replied coldly.then followed by another email with my interest of meeting him in his place.Well he replied and we will meet soon.He was not same man as before  i know i broke his heart reason why he is very cold til now. In tge beginning he will not talk to me and even curse me.I want to have peace if mind once and for all.i want to tell him all whats heart and that i still love him.I just dont know whats on his mind now.i need to be pewpared for his answers when we meet. Shall i push through my intention of meeting him? Please advise it still necessary to do it?

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Matthew Coast Staff answered 4 years ago

You don’t NEED to see him. I know plenty of women who have created peace within themselves with an ex that they never talked to again or even with an ex who has been deceased.
So, no… you don’t NEED to see him. If he’s unwilling to meet with you, try writing a letter or close your eyes and image him sitting in front of you and say everything you want to say to him that way.
There are plenty of ways you can create peace in your heart without needing to actually meet up with him. In fact, you could even do it over the phone. Just call him and tell him that you need to tell him something and he doesn’t even have to respond but you really need to let him know something that’s very important for you to say.
If you feel like you should meet him, go ahead and push it. But if he’s unwilling to do so, find another way to express yourself that works for you.
Good luck!