Save my 9 years relationship

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Sam GP asked 10 months ago

I am 27 and I thought I finally found the guy of my dreams and I mean it, I have never met a guy that kind and amazing as him and never was so sure about wanting a future with him. But after 8 years plus he proposed to me. I told him to wait for me as I was not stable I had no job at that time and we needed a lot of money to buy a house. But considering he was so sure about us and our future together I was happy about it. Last two months he started pulling away. I thought it was probably because he was busy at work with his new project and stuff. I gave him his space, I usually would not because I never like the idea of having space as I am afraid it will push up apart more further. We did not talk a lot, I was all the time stressed thinking will he stop loving me and eventually that exactly what happened. Last week he told me he is not sure anymore about us. He doesn’t feel the same any more, he has lost attraction and thinks of breaking up and just a few days ago I called him because I miss him and he told me that he had no feelings for me and he wants a breakup. What should I do? Despite all of this I really believe in us and love him. And that makes me so unhappy that we could have been so much more and now we broke up even without really seeing our potential. Do you think it is possible to make him feel attracted to me again? Please give me an advice how should I proceed to have a chance in winning him back?