relationship issues

nick cruz asked 1 year ago

okay so my very big problem is that, i stopped doing this by the way i masturbated to other women whenever my girlfriend wasn’t available and it was to nobody i knew or she knew but my problem is that my girlfriend would get really hurt if i told her i fantasized about other women and in reality i don’t even really find them hot or attractive or whatever it was just in the moment and if i told her that it would break her because of how she feels about that and because of the past things her boyfriends have done to her in the past but i just want to know what i could do to help me forgive myself because i feel really guilty and i could barely eat or sleep, and i am really happy in this relationship and it’s more important to me than everything but i want to know if i should tell her and risk ending the relationship. and if i shouldn’t tell her i want to know what i can do to help me forgive myself and forget and the last thing i want to know is that if this is normal in guys to fantasize about other women when masturbating and in reality i didn’t even think about it after it was only in the moment and i told her something different to help me forgive myself but it just made it worse what i told her is that i did it to porn and not other women and it was only about the act and now i feel even worse so please help me