Relationship Commitment

Isabella asked 1 year ago

I met a man in his 40’s (we both are in our 40’s) due to a business matter and we talked for a bit business related at first but later we started sharing more personal stories- I had to travel out of the country for a family health matter and we kept in touch when I came back he offered to pick me up from airport and take me home, I accepted we kept in contact and had 2 dates in the same week although there were some miscommunication on that week as well as far as the time to meet – then we kept in contact and a few weeks later we had other 2 dates in the same week, then we had a 5th date couple of weeks later and we had some intimacy ( have not slept together yet but we were almost at that point- However he has me very confused because sometimes he shows a lot of interest and sometimes he backs off a lot (we don’t talk like for 2-3 days ) then I send him a little messsge and he replies almost immediately and then we keep contact for many days until I feel that he starts opening up a lot and then he backs off again .,, 
At the very beginning – at the second date he was a bit drunk and asked me to spend the night with him to which I said not yet I’m not ready and he replied “well I’m not a patient person “ to which I replied “oh well, too bad” and we kept kidding 
after that incident when he was sober I asked him what was he looking? for and what he wanted? What he was expecting? To which he said that he knew what he wanted but didn’t say it to me – I was a bit forward and I told him I wanted to know because in that way I would know what to Expect and wouldn’t get my hopes up – he said that we were just getting to know each other and he liked my friendship … I left it at that but we kept talking and sexting and he has kept showing signs of interest and caring for me and my family – Now we have planned to spend Next Weekend together and I want Your advice please: i
Should I ask him: What are we?? Where do we stand? Should I ask this questions before going all the way in bed?? 
I know I want a serious long relationship that I will like for it to end in Marriage… 
Please Help me …
thabk you in advance for the advice!!