relationship advice

Martha McKeel asked 6 months ago

I have a rule that relationships and work do not go together. A couple of weeks ago I notice a guy at work (different department) that was giving my a ton of attention. His whole body would be facing my way and staring at me without hiding it. He also started to make sure that everything was running smoothly which is not his responsibility. The problem was there was a lot of important people, supervisors and engineers in the room when I noticed his attention on me and not the new machine. At that time I decided to ignore him and get my work done as he could not flirt with me with everyone in the room. He would come into the room two or three time or more a day but now I only see him as I pass his office on my way home. I like him. I think I was scared and nervous as its been a very long time since I was in a relationship (about 5 years). Its been a while since a guy has giving me attention and pursurd me without me trying to get there attention first.
Is there anything that I can do? I realize that my body language was that of I’m not interested. How can I change that? Would it be okay to talk to him?  How would I approach him as we have not spoke to each other.