Please help

Amy Celeste asked 2 years ago

Hi, I’m wondering if I’m in the wrong. My relationship didn’t start out the best but we can’t seem to stop arguing (after a year and a half) of the pettiest things EX: we fought about going to church, who does that?? We only argued because his ex of 7 tears goes there and he refused to go to that church because he knew I would get mad if he said hi(which I don’t feel is appropriate) and he said he wouldn’t be rude to her because “she’s always been good to him” which made me even more mad!!! I feel that my boyfriend which I live with, isn’t understanding where I’m coming from. He says I’m needy and childish. I am 22 years old and he is 34. He works from 9am to 7 at night and goes to the gym for an hour afterwards, therefore coming home at 8 o’clock. I do want whatever time he has left since we go to sleep at 11 the absolute latest and I just miss him! Everytime we do something he invites friends of family or it involves friends and family and he says that I’m antisocial which i don’t think I am I just want our alone time. He blames me for his kids 12,17,18, not talking to him because they don’t like me and it hurts me a lot. He Has been good to me in general but we can’t seem to work things out. Any advice or are we just not for each other? We really love each other and that’s what holds us together.