Please help,

Naveera aziz asked 2 years ago

I am in a relationship with one of my cousin.. we liked eachother since our childhood but our relationship start 4,5 years ago everything was perfect he loved me soo much we were the perfect couple but then he got admission in a university in another city then everything changed.. he got some frnds including girls which are very annoying they take him to different areas which i dont like just because he had a car and a luxurious life.. one girl is in competition with me…i want my man to love me only me just like the way he loved me before and now there is another problem his mother is also no accepting me she argued with him that ask him to leave me otherwise she will kill herself now my boyfriend is not talking to me just because of those friends and his mother please tell me what should i do so that everything gets perfect just like before..he loved me soo much but know he is not even talking to me 😣😣 we planned our wedding but now everything changed😢😢