Please help,

Jyoti asked 2 years ago

I have few issues to discuss which I have been facing since quite some time.I believe that the issues are perhaps very much correlated.
1. I find it very difficult to read between the lines as in what exactly people mean when they say        something. I struggle first to understand the context and then struggle to give an apt reply. Often I fail to give an apt reply which creates a less-mature image of me infront of others. At times, I say funny things when someone says  something serious and serious things(me  being critical) when someone says something funny. Hence it creates a lot of incongruence and kills the rapport.
2. At times, I find myself thinking in peculiar(childish although I am 25 year old guy) ways which way normally people will not think. Because of this, I do not talk much. If I talk incessantly, I talk sh*t.(Make no sense)
3.I find it very tough to understand people’s real intentions and see the bigger picture.
4.Can not connect the dots and reach a conclusion/explanation.I often exclude many things.
I know I am putting a mountain of issues infront of you to give solutions.
Do not know the other way.Just felt, perhaps you can help.
Please help me out.?