New Guy

Riajah asked 1 year ago

Say for instance you met this guy and you like him a lot, he recently stopped talking to someone and y’all start talking, y’all met and everything seems good. You spend time with him but soon after like a few days after he doesn’t really text back , he still responds to you but sometimes he doesn’t respond at all.. sooo now you have all these negative thoughts in your mind like if you did something wrong or if he’s just not interested in you anymore after the first time meeting and spending time.. you don’t hear from him much and you really haven’t since you seen him. What to do? How to feel ? You don’t want to
Blow his phone up with negative remarks but you also don’t have time to waste either . What to do?
He has been married before but she hurt him really bad and it’s kinda affected him.. I believe he likes me as much as I do him and we are both compatible. He’s the Scorpio man and I’m the Cancer woman