Need Relationship Advice

Sara asked 10 months ago

Hello I am 25 years old and I am in 5 year relationship with my boyfriend who is also 25. I’m currently in grad school getting my masters (currently have 2 degrees getting my masters will be my 3rd degree) and work part time and recently open my own business. My boyfriend currently is not working or in school drop out of a semester haven’t been in school for the past 4 years but he do music. And have been juggling with jobs for 3 or 4 years. He hasn’t been able to stay with a job for no more than 6 months. The last stable job he had was probably 3 years ago I really don’t remember. We don’t go on date at all out of the whole 5 years we been together I can say we only been 5 or 10 dates. And when we do I’m the one that’s always paying. He’ll pay when he can but majority of the time I’m the one paying. He says the reason why he don’t want to go on dates because he is stressed from not having a job and his parents and how they antagonize him about not having a job and how his life is stressful. Which I understand but I always telling him, it shouldn’t allow him not to have a good time with me. Which is why I stop asking him to go out cause I already know what he’ll say (I don’t have money or don’t want to be around people). Every year since we been together, for his birthday and Christmas I always get him gifts to show him how much I care and love. I know he doesn’t have money but I feel like he doesn’t put in the same effort I’m materialistic but I would like to feel appreciated. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day cause I don’t expect any gift from him every year. He do say he’ll try and see if he come up try but that doesn’t go through. Whenever I visit him or he picks me up all we do at his house is chill in his room (Netflix and chill in a sense). He says since he’s unable to get me stuff or do things with me all he can offer is sex (which in my opinion is not what I want only in a relationship). He always saying he wants to go back to school but doesn’t know what steps he need to take. I helped him with the process off school application and financial aid. All he has to do was to send off his documents from his old college and high school to the school he wants to attend. I’ve constantly been reminding him to send off his documents but he either forget or around that time he was working but he has to give his parent his paycheck for rent, semester has already began I tell him since you couldn’t attend fall you’ll have to attend spring. The deadline is approaching and I have reminded him but he says he have to find a way to get around. Currently he doesn’t have a car anymore because it doesn’t work. He uses his mother car to get around but his mother don’t want him using her car. I had a car but recently gotten into a accident and my car got totaled. I am in the process of getting another car. Ever since this year started we have constantly been having arguments. We never argue before, we have our disagreement on things but us yelling at each other and calling out of my name is a first we ever experience. He recently lost his job in August and he is looking for another job. But he says he doesn’t like working under another person. I’m always telling him if that’s not what you want to do than what’s do he wants to do. He says he wants to maybe open his own business. But he doesn’t know what he wants to do. He says he recently gotten a job at his sister job will be starting soon. On his spare time he either doing his music, watching anime, playing computer games, watching tv, working out or smoking weed. I feel like my life right now is going good and he’s not at a level where I think he should. He always say he wants kids but he knows at this time it is not the right time for us. And we want to get a place together but I feel like he needs to get his life situated before we can move in together. I currently live with 4 roommates in a apartment. I really do love him very much and always say I don’t see myself with anyone but him but I don’t know what to do. Any advice?