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Minoo asked 9 months ago

I met a guy and around 9 months ago. And after 3 months we started dating. He broke up 6 months before we met and I broke up with my ex 16 months before we met.
We were happy together and our relationship was based on respect. I asked him to not to have sex together until I am ready and he accepted. But we had kissing and touching. I should add that his ex was calling him sometimes and I didnt like that because according to the things that he said to me she is jelaus. After 6 months he asked me to go to his family house to visit them and I accepted. Two or three days after buying tickets he changed. And after 2 weeks he said we should break up. In that time we were far away (we were far away for almost 50days and he proposed me that trip and bought tickets when we were far away.). When i asked why, he said he is not ready and he needs to be alone. I said ok. I knew he is nerveous and under stress in that time due to his work. Then i said ok and i said we can talk when I come back. 
When i came back, i went to his place and at some point he started kissing me and telling me how much he missed me. At some point his phone start ringing and after a while he said me someone wants to talk to me!!! That one was his ex!!! She shouted at me and said what are you doing in her boyfriend place!!!! I said what!!!then he said we want to start dating!!! Then i left the house without saying anything. We have a common friend that i talked to him. And he didnt believe that. Then he talked to my boyfriend and apparently he found out that he made a mistake. Then he started texting me and saying me he is sorry. I met him accidently and he wasnt in a good mood at all. I asked him about his ex and he said when he bought tickets she proposed him to meet and to have sex because she knew that we agreed to not to have sex together. 
I told him he should think and decide about what he wants.
Now we are far away again. I like him and want to be with him. I dont know what i can do to make him to come back to me. This is almost 4 days i dont have any news from him.