Alyx asked 3 years ago

I also forgot to add that on Monday March 27 I sent him this email.
“Hey Will,
I know your busy and understand if you don’t immediately reply but there is something that I do want to tell you now.
When we were talking last week I told you that I never had a boyfriend or anything like that and mentioned about seeing the other couples on campus. I wanted to tell you that that is not the reason for me liking you. I like you for who you are and that I feel comfortable around you and trust you a lot. I also feel like I can be myself whenever I’m around you and being around you also makes me feel safe. You are a great guy with a great personality, you are great a stuff, like climbing and slacklining, and you are very nice and helpful. I’m grateful to get to know such an amazing guy.
I just wanted to tell you that before I forget later what it was that I wanted to tell you.
Alyx Hatfield”
I can tell that when we saw each other a couple of hours later in jazz band that he was really happy about my email and I caught him a few times looking at me throughout jazz band and saw that his face was more red than usual and acting like his normal self around me again. Everything seemed normal again until last night and I could tell that I annoyed him by asking him to help me with something really quick and he couldn’t because he was busy, but he still told me really quick on what to do and I could tell that he was a little annoyed. I saw him a few minutes later at the college fitness center and we didn’t talk at all but I saw him looking at me a couple of times and I think (didn’t catch it really well) he smiled a little once. Later after we both left (at about the same time) I sent this text “I’m sorry about earlier. Please don’t be mad at me.” and haven’t heard from him yet. I know it’s still early and he might reply later but I’m worried because I’m scared to lose him, he’s the best guy to have ever appeared in my life and I’ve never felt such strong emotions for one guy before
Alyx Hatfield.

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Tabitha Pratt answered 3 years ago

Strong feelings may need some temperance right now!
Respect his boundaries and pull back from initiating pursuit of him. Real masculine males are turned off by a female who ” comes on to them”. 
Focus more on being mysterious and lean back away from him. 
This new behavior on your part will be best for both of you.
Good luck!