My First real boyfriend

Laura Rawlins asked 1 year ago

I have reconnected with my old flame this past year, it will be year and a half that I’ve been dating this guy this August 15th, which is tomorrow. I dated him back when I was 16 years old, and I’ve known him since I was 12. This is my first real relationship with a man and I’ve never been in one before so I’m really nervous. And I don’t know where I should start because I’m just starting out. I want to know how to communicate  with my boyfriend in a way that doesn’t have him running for the hills, but I don’t know how approach those difficult conversations with men because I’ve never had them with my dad growing up, and I don’t know what kind of relationship I have with my dad. I want to know how I can talk to men without freezing up or emotionally shutting down. Can you help me this?