My boyfriend is getting married !! HELP

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sunshine asked 5 months ago

So here is the thing, 
Im with this guy for 2 years now,  from the beginning this relationship was about having fun and being together knowing that we had a big crush on each other,  he is 46yo ( 20years age diff)  and he doesnt want to get married,  not with me not with anybody, he is afraid of commitement wich is okay with me,  now im suprised that he tell me that he will get married,  a traditionnal mariage,  he needs a wife that takes care of him as he gets older and take care of his house ( sort of a maid)  his parents are insisting that he should commit before the end of the year and the wife will be chosen by them,   knowing that he never asked me about my opinion,  and i live in another city, i have work and ambitions and i can leave everything behind to live with him and be his maid in the name of love. 
One day we talked about this,  he said that we talked about this relationship since the beginning and we know that one day we will breakup,  still he loves me so much and he showed it to me several times. 
Knowing all of this,  my heart is in pieces and im very sad,  we are still together and i didnt show him anything,  there is still no decision, and i dont know how to proceed nor what to think. 
Please help me,  he is my first love ever,  i dont know what to do