Mr. Right Now But Only If You Are Broken

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L M asked 2 years ago

I have been following your program for months and have actually learned a lot.  But my question is about a type of guy and how to handle it. The men I find myself involved with are the ones who LOVE a broken woman going through a hard time. I call it I Love A Victim Syndrome. They will move heaven and earth to be the hero and once they get the girl…. they wander  (while trying to keep the original girl). What is this about? And if she starts to not have  any crises to be saved from… they seek out women who do while trying to say that it doesn\\\’t affect their current relationship… what!? I would say it is just my poor choice in men but it happened to me… my friend… a girl at work… what is happening? Do these types of men need to be into the chase all the time? I\\\’m not sure I want to run forever just to be interesting to a man. Maybe I want one to love me when I\\\’m   NOT broken.  Is that a thing? 

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Tabitha Pratt answered 2 years ago

Do you know what is interesting? Feminine energy is actually a bit helpless, a bit irresponsible, non efficient and damsel in distress like! I would not call it broken per se, just yin energy.
Men still love to rescue the princess from the tower, To sweep her off of her feet and be the mighty hero who saves the day! These are the knights in shining armor… the dragon slayers who are after our hearts.
No need to attack them for this built into their DNA, rather understand them and gift them with a little woman tied to the railroad tracks! It makes them ” feel” more manly and who doesn’t want their men to feel more masculine and powerful and needed?
Try it!