Walter Grimm asked 1 year ago

I started snapchatting a friend of a girl I met over the summer recently. I thought she was super far out of my league, but she claimed to think the same of me. We began to FaceTime a lot, and began to call ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend, even though we have never met (I know it sounds dumb), because we live in different states. She is going to college in my city next year ( I will be a senior in high school next year). She came to my city once for an official college visit, and after weeks of anticipation, my texts were ignored and she said she was too busy talking to coaches to meet up. Recently, her texts mysteriously stopped working, so we were reduced to only snapchatting 2 or 3 times a day. dDespite her assurances she still liked me, I though she was lying to make me feel better, because we were hardly talking anymore so I ended thigns despite still really liking her. She is apparently super upset about it and doesnt understand why I did it. My question is first, how likely is it that she mysteriously stopped talking to me from all day to once or twice a day because her texts broke (after I brought up her coming to visit….), on an i phone 8, but she is telling the truth about still liking me and wanting to be together, and second, is there any chance I’m getting catfished and or that she’s not real? even though we have facetimed for a combined likely 30 hours. I tjust seems suspicous that she was too busy to meet up when she visited and that her texts broke from what she claimed as a virus when I borught up another visit (as in she isnt getting my texts). any advice not relating to the 2 questions would also be much appreciated