Relationship Questions and Adviceme n baby dad we have broke up but he always tell me that he wants to have sex with me.i feel like he wants to use me .what do i do
Anonymous asked 4 years ago
1 Answers
Matthew Coast Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi, thanks for the question.
The answer is, yes… he wants to use you… for sex. What you tell him is that if he doesn’t want a relationship with you, he doesn’t get to have sex with you.
Unless he’s willing to have an exclusive, committed relationship with you, don’t have sex with the guy. The only thing that will come from having sex with him is you having a broken heart and he will have no incentive to be in a relationship with you since you’re giving him one of the most important parts of the relationship without requiring that he’s in a relationship.
Respect yourself enough to only be intimate with him if he wants to be exclusive with you. Anything else is just going to lead you to heartache.