Matt I have a question

Nix asked 10 months ago

I have this guy that I’m very very much into. I have told him how I feel about him. He and I have since spent time together, but he had told me he thinks we should be friends, and doesn’t think I’m ready for a relationship, to which I replied I am confident about who and what I want in life. He also said just friends because I am still technically married (waiting for my divorce papers to be signed).
I want more then friendship with him, I feel him and I have a very deep connection. But since he said just friends it’s been great and he’s been flirty, attentive. We’ve spent a few days the past 3 weekends together just hanging out. WE always have a great time and the more I know about him the more I find that him and I have so much in common. I just truly think we’d be great and a lot better then our past marriages. 
So I’m just wondering when he says friends if he means he just wants friends, or he wants more but not until I am officially divorced?
Is there anyway to find out for sure without coming out right and asking him, because I’m sure he won’t answer. I’m sure he wants more just because of his actions towards me. I feel he might be scared of commitment and or I scare him because I know what I want.
Can you please help me?