Make him feel secure, he is very negative

Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: Breakup RecoveryMake him feel secure, he is very negative
Anonymous asked 4 years ago
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Matthew Coast Staff answered 4 years ago

Here’s my answer… stop trying to make him feel secure. That’s not your job. That’s his!
You will never make him feel secure. He has to make himself feel secure. You can’t make him feel anything… he’ll either feel it around you or he won’t.
If he has issues with trust and so he doesn’t feel trust. HE has to work through those issues. You’ll never make him feel trust until he heals his past and works out his trust issues.
Its not something you have control over. You could be the most trusting worthy person in the world and do things that show him you’re completely trustworthy… but until HE changes what’s going on inside of his mind, he’ll never trust you.