Adrienne Warner asked 3 years ago

I am the most ready that I have ever been to find love and it is evading me. I don’t understand why

1 Answers
Tabitha Pratt answered 3 years ago

Hello Adrienne,
You are LOVE. I know that this may sound airy fairy but it is truth. A woman must be so in love with herself that she just simply IS LOVE. Imagine you have your perfect lover and he is with you right now – how would that feel to you? Focus on and keep experiencing that feeling. Recognize how open you are in this moment…. that is you. That is love. You are deep love. Your practice is to stay open as much as you can. Really enjoy yourself. The more pleasure you allow yourself to feel, the more males with be attracted to you! 
Have faith beautiful girl, Cupid is drawing back his bow right now!