Is this a concern?

Keleigh McNiel asked 3 years ago

Recently met a man online and while we have really hit it off I ran into some concerns.   I was browsing his social media page and had an eye opener to find that he follows 2K people, most of which are not friends but females looking for “likes/followers”?  Femaole lingerie models, fitness buffs, well endowed and shockingly advertised escorts.  Should I be concerned?  I don’t want to say anything this early but it makes me wonder what kind of person he really is?  Am I really someone he would be interested in?  I am in my forties and a single mom.  While I take really good care of myself and I am fit, I am not the 27 year old well endowed interests he seems to have.

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Tabitha Pratt answered 2 years ago

Oh honey, I feel for you, and I appreciate your vulnerability here. More than questioning what type of male this guy is, you may want to take a look at, and address your own insecurities. We all have them, we really do! But the best self-growth comes when we stay focused on ourselves versus the person we are with/interested in. I could be wrong but it appears that you want to protect yourself in case this guy doesn’t really like you. I’m not clear as to what sent you down the ‘stalking him on social media hole’ in the first place, but if this guy is pursuing you and actually moving this ” relationship” forward ( asking you out on dates, attempting to get to know you more), than you should have no worries. 
Have you actually met him in person?
Personally, I do not carry on online convos, nor long distance messaging, nor texting unless I’ve, at least, met them in person. In addition, I do not carry on massive amounts of communication prior to a first date. This is me, but I would highly recommend implementing some ” rules” for yourself. There are some real catfishes out there. Just remember, Masculine males take action!
Listen to your intuition and don’t get blinded by the pretty lights. Watch his ACTIONS.
all my love,