is the guy for real

Anonymous asked 4 years ago

 Hi i just want to know if this guy im kinda seeing is for real. I met him two months àgo an he calls me beautiful and wont even have sex with me.he says he wants to take things slow . his been telling me what he sees for us being together an hw he wants me to stay with him an all but because my past pain i dont trust what he says how do i know that what he says is true…but yet when i ask him if its for real he gets upset an tells me he doesnt like the fact that im insultin him …..his not speaking to me as much as he use to an i have been giving him space .i feel like i have ruined things because of my insecurities bt if all this is a game to him how will i he serious about me or am i being caught in a game again how much space do i need to give him in order to find out if his stil upset with me?
From valencia

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Matthew Coast Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Valencia,
Well, if you want to know if a guy is “for real” or not, just look at his actions. Has he introduced you to some of his friends or possibly even his family? If not, he’s probably not for real. Men want the women in their lives to meet their friends and be a part of their lives when they’re for real.
Also, ask him about his previous relationships… if all of his last relationships ended badly or if they were all short lived… or if he doesn’t want to talk about them… chances are that you’re going to end up the same way they did.
Another thing to look at is his friendships with people… what types of people does he surround himself with? It turns out that a man is much more likely to settle down and have a real relationship if he has friends who are in the same position. If all of his friends are running around doing crazy stuff… he’s likely to follow in their footsteps.
Does he pursue you or does he run away from you? Men who want something serious tend to pursue the women they’re with. If he isn’t pursuing you, he’s probably not serious about you.
There are a lot of things that can tell you what’s going on with a guy… just look at his actions. Look at his friends. Look at his relationships. They are all tell tale signs of what he thinks and wants with you.