Is my long distance fiance cheating?

Relationship Questions and AdviceCategory: CommitmentIs my long distance fiance cheating?
Ajita Warren asked 2 years ago

I have been with my finance for almost seven years and we have been long distance for four. We also have a six year old daughter together.   During my holiday visit I looked at his whatsapp chats and saw that he’d been conversing with three women, all who’d sent him photos of themselves. Looking at the feeds it was obvious messages had been deleted as many of our conversations were missing as well. His responses to the photos were ‘beautiful’ or ‘so sweet’…I was shocked to even see the photos but the responses really bothered me. By the way, one of the women is the mother of his son, and in one message he greeted her with “Good morning sunshine”. I think all of this is very inappropriate, especially the conversation with his son’s mother.  I want to confront him, but I know I was wrong for snooping… honestly, my intuition led me to look, as I have never done anything like that before, but I also have a feeling he may be cheating.  This is a deal breaker for me.  What should I do?