Melissa asked 2 years ago

This guy at work has been interested in me for 6 years. We are good friends and we enjoy each other’s company. I really like him and I didn’t get with him because I was off and on with my ex. Now that I am single he has made his move on me. He has stood me up and he apologized for it saying he messed up but then we started to hang out again.  We have gone out a few times and we even made out at his house the one time. He told me what made him so attracted to me and that he is interested in getting to know me better. I even asked him again what his intentions are with me and he confirmed again that he wants to get to know me. The problem is he isn’t making an effort. A friend confirmed to me that he wants me to be his girlfriend but he says he pushes away because he thinks I’m a player and talking to all these guys. I do flirt with guys at work and we text and talk on social media but I have stopped that. He told me that I have changed but I have confirmed to him that I’m not talking to guys but he doesn’t believe me. He even talks about me at work to the other guys calling me a player and saying jokes. It’s annoying. But I like him and I know he likes me. He is always staring at me and time to time comes to visit me at work. He even touches me like brushes his shoulder or arm on my arm. Stuff like that. But he doesn’t make an effort to call or text anymore. What do I do. I’ve told him that I’m not talking to guys and I want to be with him, but all we do is talk at work. I want to move forward and start dating him. My past relationship was abusive and I just wanted to be more social and get back out there after 8 years. I’m just being friendly and having fun enjoying my freedom. He knows the relationship was abusive.  Please help me. How do I get him to believe that I’m not talking to all these guys and I’m serious about being with him. I know he’s into me I want to date him and give him a chance. He is 47 and I’m 31 not sure if this is relevant.