Tina Wright asked 3 years ago

 I’ve been in this relationship with this defense attorney for 4 years now. We have what I’m calling friends benifits relations. I’m falling in love with him. He’s has never taken me out for dinner or on a date, we have always just met up and did the deed. I’m wanting a commit from him. I don’t think I can stay away from him. What can I do?

1 Answers
Tabitha Pratt answered 3 years ago

A FWB is never a good deal for the female!
Your bonding hormone, oxytocin, had caused you to fall in love with him. Here is the good news, your oxytocin is working beautifully! Here’s the bad news, it does’t work the same way for males!
First step, stop having sex immediately! I’m not joking! 
Second, let him know that you sold yourself short, you no longer feel good remaining FWB, and you are open to real dates should he be interested. 
Third, follow through.
You may lose him temporarily, yet this is the only way that you can receive a clear picture on whether he wants you for sex or is willing to GVIE TO YOU by courting/committing to you.
If he isn’t willing to give you want you want, the best course is to completely move on and realize the mistake that you made in this case by giving up free milk!
Hold your value high and high value men will seek you out! And commit! But you must raise that bar first.
I love you so much…