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Venezia Ogden asked 1 year ago

I met this guy in summer camp this year and we immediately hit it off. Within the two weeks that the summer camp was run, we got really close together and we were constantly in each other’s company. We get comfortable in telling personal things about ourselves such as; relationships, school and friendships. He had gotten out of a bad breakup a couple months previously with him getting the worst end of the stick; he was cheated on. Of course I feel terrible for him but, he tells me of this ‘amazing’ girl who is extremely pretty. However, a few days later he tells me that he doesn’t like her anymore and he is falling in love with someone right now. I asked him who the girl was, but he wouldn’t tell me or else I would know. I never touched the subject again with him as it all felt too awkward for me to deal with. He always likes to talk to me and is always trying to touch my hand etc. Eventually I asked him who the girl was but he said that if he told me that I would immediately know who it was. I asked if it was me but he said no…I’m just not sure who the girl he likes is. He doesn’t act the same around me with other girls in the summer camp and all of my friends say that he ‘likes’ me. 
I myself have never been in a relationship before and I want to know if it is worth all the trouble? He lives in a country far from mine but we still keep in contact with each other. We won’t see each other for a year as he is highly likely to come to my country for holiday. I’m just really confused about my feelings about this guy. If I do pursue my relationship (?) with him, I feel terribly naive about the whole thing as we haven’t even gone out on a first date etc. I really don’t know what to do. I really enjoy his company and I have never felt so open to any guy that I talk to. Is it worth all the trouble? 
Thank you for reading this!! It may seem really stupid but I will appreciate any help given in any area of my temperamental problem.