I'm confused!

oti asked 2 years ago

I met this guy almost 2 months ago , the connection is mad! We communicate everyday, we hv sex almost all the time we see, it’s always so much laughter and deep conversations wen we are together. We make future plans. He is clingy. He is possessive a lil But here is the problem I hv never been to his place because he lives with his mum & sister so we always hv to plan a date which neva worked out becoz of work. He is always busy because he is only off work 6hrs a day, somtimes he only has 3hrs break to spend with me and his off to the office, som days he is off he stil won’t sleep over or stay the whole day because according to him he has to go get something done for his mum or for the house. The thing is 50% of the time he is busy at work, we are on video calls so I know where he is but mostly wen he is at work not home so I concluded it is Bcoz he spends most hrs at work. He invites me to his office to come spend som time with him but I don’t ever turn up ther. Then my biggest worry is he ghost on weekends because of his job is a national security job (Sss) kinda that he has to travel out of town without much communication only texting on Saturday. We see mostly week days wen he is Bck to town and working , we end up hvin sex and he literally hv a 1000 things to attend to an hr or 2 hrs after. And no he doesn’t hv funny phone habits of avoiding calls usually but the other day he did. Please what do you mk of it. I’m so confused if this is real or obviously one of the smooth guys. Help!